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Gtk2Hack is a nice graphical frontend (window port in nethack terminology) for the popular rogue-like role playing game nethack using the modern GTK2 toolkit. It aims to provide an improved visual interface while maintaining complete keyboard controllability.

Gtk2Hack is inspired by the Qt and Gnome window ports but was rewritten from scratch. It currently uses the X11 16x16 tileset and scaled versions of the Qt/Gnome icons. I hope to support other tilesets in the future. Personally, I would prefer a new and original 24x24 tileset to provide a nicer look while showing a large part of the map. It would be nice to feature original and prettier icons and a cool picture for the about dialog/splash screen.

Gtk2Hack is written by Mihael Vrbanec and released under the Nethack Public License.

The homepage design was contributed by Jakob Zabel.

This project is hosted on sourceforge.net.